About magazine

The Všehrd – a Czech lawyers‘ magazine continues the historical tradition of the international and scientific journal. It concentrates on the legal sector and the entire sphere of private and public law.

It started the publishing activity in 1919. Since 2005 it has been published predominantly in online form. However, it is also annually published in a printed form.

The Všehrd magazine accepts authentic authorial entries of any author. The theme of the contribution is optional, but must be relevant in any of the fields of law, or other related sectors such as political science, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and ethics etc. which involve a legal element.

The Všehrd magazine is designed especially for Czech readers; however interested foreigners can make use of summaries in foreign language attached to each article (particularly in English language or also in German, French, Spanish or Russian languages). Furthermore is the online magazine managed in English version as well.

The editor of this magazine is Spolek českých právníků Všehrd (The Czech society of lawyers Všehrd), civic association, Nám. Curieových 7, Praha 1, Zip Code 116 40, Identification 005 52 151.

The published contributions pass through a review procedure where they are considered by at least two independent editorial consultants. Each of these consultants then issues a review write-up. None of these consultants can be a member of the editorial board of the Všehrd magazine; nor a worker of the same working place; nor an author or one of the co-authors of the reviewed contribution.

The Všehrd magazine is part of the Czech national bibliography managed by the National library of Czech Republic and it is also administered by the Czech national centre ISSN under the National technical library of the Czech Republic. Moreover, the website of the Všehrd magazine is archived by the National library of the Czech Republic via a Webarchiv system, as a source of unique cultural and scientific value.

All pictures used in the magazine are cited under the public domain or Creative Commons licenses in respect of all conditions allowing treating them in accordance with the copyright (for more information about licenses see: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.cs).

The Všehrd magazine is published under it´s own ISSN: 1801-3678 (online) and 1210-5740 (print).

The online version of the magazine is continuously published with an exception of the winter and summer break. The printed version of the magazine is published annually.