Instructions for authors

The editorial board accepts original contributions from any author. The topics can cover any field of law or other related fields such as political science, economy, ethics or philosophy with emphasis on law.

Every writer must be familiar with the following rules before making his submission. The authors are to send their submissions with contact addresses.

The articles must meet these conditions:

  1. All articles must be sent in electronic form to this e-mail address: or to the email address of another member of the editorial board. This information can be found on our website (see Redaction). All articles ought to be written in a format compatible with MS Word. There is also the possibility to send them to the editorial office (see Contact);
  2. All articles must contain a headline (up to 50 signs) and a main paragraph (150-180 signs);
  3. All articles must contain a short foreign language annotation;
  4. If the article is written in other language than Czech or Slovak, it must contain an annotation in Czech or Slovak;
  5. All articles must be divided into paragraphs and pages must be numbered;
  6. All articles must contain numbered footnotes at the end of the article. These footnotes must conform to any type of citation system. (for example: GERLOCH, A.: Teorie práva. 5. vyd. Plzeň: Aleš Čeněk, 2009, str. 47-53.);
  7. All articles must be apolitical, commercial-free, and wholesome and must not contradict public order.

The recommended length of an article is 3-4 pages (A4). With submissions the authors should also send information about themselves (educational background, publishing…).

A few examples of possible types of articles:

  • an academic paper,
  • a book review,
  • an interview,
  • a topical event,
  • a commentary on court decisions,
  • information regarding forthcoming amendment acts.