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The significance of judicial independence in Latin America

In this essay I will reveal the fundamental necessity of judicial independence in the countries of Argentina and Chile in order to be able to prosecute military officials and former dictators who committed human rights violations during the dictatorships. Specifically, I will analyse the period from the first post-dictatorships presidencies (Alfonsìn and Menem in Argentina, and Aylwìn and Frei in Chile) until the breakthrough years (which occurred over the early 2000s in both nations) when the Chilean and Argentinean courts finally reached their autonomy leading to the sentencing offenders. Throughout this essay, I will discuss each country in different paragraphs in order to compare Chilean and Argentine judiciaries and demonstrate how they both started from divergent points to eventually reach the same conclusion: prosecution in order to achieve justice.

Essay on book: What money can´t buy: the moral limits of markets by Michael J. Sandel

Essay by Jakub Drápal on book: What money can´t buy: the moral limits of markets by Michael J. Sandel, 1st edition 2012, publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York.

What not to wear: The“Islamic scarf“ in the European Court of Human Rights

This article regards the shadows of the protection that Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights should potentially guarantee and how the European Court of Human Rights deals with this significant issue. Specifically, the author argues that the Court is biased and influenced by its inevitable Christian-based structure and origins and, therefore, it cannot fairly and justly assess the cases that come before it. Author proves this point by presenting two of the Court’s most important decisions in the case of Sahin v Turkey and Dahlab v Switzerland.

Data security and protection of privacy on social networks

People in general underestimate the magnitude of rights given to them in order to avoid unauthorized usage of their informational self-determination. Do you rank among them or not?